Site Overview

Logging In

  1. Visit
  2. Click the Login button in the upper right hand corner
  3. Enter your assigned username and password and click Login
  4. If you have forgotten your password or it has expired, click Reset Password

Passwords expire every 120 days. If your password is expired, you will be prompted to change your password upon logging in.

Main Menu Overview

Search Owners
  • Renew or add a new license for an existing or new owner
  • Update dog and owner information
  • Merge duplicate records or change ownership
  • Print or email a license or renewal notices for a specific owner
  • Change dog status (deceased, moved out of county, etc)
  • Process and manage orders entered by the public online
  • Update license information (expiration date, license number, license type)
  • Issue refunds on closed orders
  • Void orders
  • Print License
  • Manage agencies or partners (cities, townships, vet offices, etc.) who sell dog licenses
  • Manage tag assignments
  • Enable organizations to add donations or input senior pricing
  • Customizable order confirmations for organizations
My Users
  • Manage logins, user levels, and basic user info for county staff
  • Reset passwords or suspend users
License Setup
  • Manage types of licenses and fees
  • Set up what documentation users are required to upload for different license types
  • Manage which user levels can issue which license types
Renewal Notices
  • Set up license renewal notification rules
  • Send out renewal notifications or delinquent notices
  • Print/download licenses and renewal notifications
  • Customize license and renewal notification formatting
Run the following reports for a specified time, daily, weekly, monthly, by cashier or organization:
  • Revenue
  • License Count
  • Fee Changes
  • Kennel Revenue
  • Duplicate Owner Report
  • Assigned Tag Ranges
  • Renewal Report
  • Dog Census
  • Top 10 Breeds or Dog Names

Order Entry

New Owner - New Dog

  1. Go to Search Owners
  2. Click New Owner
    new owner screenshot
  3. Fill in Owner Information and click Save
    new owner screenshot
  4. Review your cart. To edit or remove an item, click the to modify. You may also add a donation from this page (if enabled).
    new owner screenshot
  5. Click Checkout
  6. Select tender type and complete payment information
  7. After the order has been processed, county admin users can edit the order tender type if the incorrect type was selected. Go to the order and click the dropdown menu to the right of Payment Type and then click Update.
    new owner screenshot

When you add a new owner, the information is verified to check for an existing owner record with the same phone number. This helps prevent duplicate owner record entry. If there is an owner record with the same phone number, you will receive a warning message. Duplicate owner records can be merged.

Existing Owner - Renew License

  1. Go to Search Owners
  3.  Search for the owner using any of the search fields (last name, tag number, or address number required)
    renew search owner
  5. Select the owner's name
    renew search owner click name
  7. Select Renew to begin license renewal.
    renew license
  8. Review dog information and update where necessary. Add the license information and select Next at the bottom of the screen.
    dog info screen
  9. Review the cart. Select Add License if you’d like to add another dog to this order. When all items have been added, select Checkout.
  10. Enter payment information and click Process Payment.

Existing Owner - Add New Dog

1. Go to Search Owners.
2. Search for the owner.
3. Select the owner’s name. Review owner information.
4. Select Add New Dog and complete ordering process.    


Processing Public Orders

  1. Go to Orders. Public orders are listed here by default.
  2. To begin processing an order, click on the order number on the left.
    click order number
  3. Click on the dog name to Accept or Decline the order and to assign a license number
  4. View and verify Rabies Certificate and Spay/Neuter Documentation (if applicable) by clicking the View Uploaded File links
    order details
  5. Enter license number.
  6. Select Accept or Decline.
  7. Change dog image or information, if necessary.
  8. Click Update.
  9. Once you have approved the order, click Process Order to process the credit card payment and to close the order. You can print the license from this page by clicking Print License.

Update License Information (number, type, expiration date)

After an order is closed, you may edit the license number, license type, and expiration date.

  1. Go to Orders.
  2. Search for the order (Make sure you have the status set to All instead of Open).
  3. Click on the order number, then on the dog name.
  4. Update the license information and click Update.

Voiding Licenses

Voiding a license will:
  • Allow the license number to be reused
  • Remove the license from renewal notices
  • Remove the license from reports

   Voiding will not refund a public order (see how to refund below).

  1. Go to Orders.
  2. Search for the order (Make sure you have the status set to All instead of Open).
  3. Select on the order number, then on the dog name.
  4. Change the selection from Accept to Void.
  5. Click Update.
void license

If there are multiple dogs on an order, and you wish to void all of them, you must go into each individual dog and select Void on each one.


For Public Orders: After an order is closed, you may issue a refund. Issuing a refund will send a notification to WebTecs to process the refund. The refund will show under the refunds column on your reports. To issue a refund:

  1. Go to Orders.
  2. Search for the order (Make sure you have the status set to All instead of Open).
  3. Click on the order number.
  4. Enter the appropriate refund amount and click Issue Refund

Managing Records

Update Owner or Dog Information

1. Go to Search Owners.
2. Search for the owner using any of the search fields (last name, tag number, or address number required).
3. Click on the owner’s name
4. Update owner information, then select Save at the bottom.
5. To edit dog information, select Edit next to the dog’s name, update information, then select Save.

Update License Information

  1. Go to Orders.
2. Search for the order (make sure you have the status set to All instead of Open).
3. Click on the order number, then on the dog name.
4. Enter updated license information and select Update.

After an order is closed, you can still edit the license information. County Admin users are able to override the expiration date by going into the closed order.

Merge Owner Records

You may need to merge records if:
  • There are duplicate owner records
  • There are records for the same dog under both spouse names
  • A dog is changing owners within the county
  1. Search for the owners you’d like to merge, and check the box next to the appropriate records.
    merge step one
  2. Click Merge at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Records from the secondary record will be transferred to the primary record. Select the dogs to transfer to the primary record. You may also update the Primary Record information.
    primary and secondary merge
  4. Click Transfer to Primary Record.

Review carefully before merging records. If you transfer all dogs from the secondary record, the secondary record will be permanently deleted.



County Admin users will see all activity countywide unless a specific agency is selected. A County User will see only their activity. A License Admin will see all activity for the orgization and a License User will see their activity. This functionality allows clerks to provide a “cash out” report at the end of the day or shift.

Assigned Tag Ranges

Select to view all tags assigned to various organizations, modify the date range to narrow the list or select a specific organization from the drop-down box. Date range entered should reflect the year in which the tags expire.

Top 10 Dog Name/Breeds

Some counties use these stats for promoting dog licenses with fun press releases or social media posts.

License Count

Shows the number of licenses sold by license type. This report can help with ordering more accurate licenses for the upcoming year.

Fee Changes

Shows all fee changes including the date of the change, the item that was changed, and who made the change.

Assigned Tag Ranges

Provides an overview of all tag assignments.

Dog Census

Provides an overview of all licenses that expire in the selected time range.

Renewal Report

Provides a more detailed view of all licenses that are due for renewal within a selected time range.

Duplicate Owner

Show customers that may have ordered as a new owner instead of renewing a dog license.


Manage vets and local units that sell dog licenses on your behalf

County Settings

Your county will show by default as the first option listed in Organizations. Click on your county name to:

  • Manage county users
  • Manage county tag assignments
  • Update county contact information

Add Organizations

1. Click on Add New Organization
2. Add organization information and click Submit.

When you enable an organization, they will automatically be added to the dropdown list for the corresponding organization type. Vet clinic organization types will be added to the Vet Clinic dropdown list that users can select in dog information. City/Township organization types will be added to the City, Township, or Village list under owner information.

Edit Organizations

1. Click on Add New Organization
2. Search for the organization you wish to edit.
3. Click on the organization name to edit and click Submit when complete

Manage Users

User levels are divided into the following categories:
  • County Admin – for county supervisors (highest level of permissions
  • County User – for county employees
  • License Admin – LUG/Vet Supervisor (input orders, manage records, run reports)
  • License User - LUG/Vet Employees (input orders, manage records)
  • Animal Control – view dog, owner & license info, run reports

User Level Permissions

County Admin County Users License Admin License Users
Override Expiration Date
License Types Configuration
Print License/Renewal Notice for Single Owner
Order Voids
(Any Order)
Merge Owner Records
Manage Users
Kennel Licensing

Tag Assignments/Management

Tag assignments are a way to keep track of distributed licenses assigned to organizations and as a safe guard to make sure users are entering the correct number. When an organization enters an order, they will be required to use a tag number in their assigned tag range (if enabled).

1. Go to Organizations.
2. Search for the organization and click on the name.
3. Click Tag Assignment
4. Click Add New Assignment
5. Click on any tag range to edit or delete.

Tag assignment validation are an optional feature on miDogLicense. Please contact WebTecs if you would like this feature disabled. Please note that if you use alpha-numeric tag numbers, tag assignment validation is not supported.

License Setup

General Options

Description: This displays on the license (if enabled).
Term: Current Year, 12-Month, or 36-Month.
Fee: amount to charge for this license type.
Vet/LUG Credit $: Optional.
Expire Rule: Choice of expiring on the rabies expiration date, end of rabies exp. month, or end of a specified month.

License Type Configuration Options

Spay/Neuter License: Require document upload for public users, if new or changed.
Senior License: Require ID upload to validate for senior rate for public users.
Delinquent License: Use this license type when current license is expired.
Replacement License: This tag type is sold as a replacement to a lost license. You must select this license type for $0.00 fee.
Kennel License: Allows custom tag entry, disables tag validation. Will not generate renewal notices.

User Level Configuration Options

County Users Only License: Disallow public and Vet/LUG selection.
County & Vet/LUG Only License: Disallow public selection.
Vet/LUG Require Documentation: Require vet & city/township documentation upload.
Display Type on Renewals: Display this type as an option for print and email renewal notices.

Kennel Licensing

Adding New Kennels

1. Go to Search Owners, and click Manage Kennels.
2. Click Add New Kennel.
3. Fill in kennel contact information, and choose license numbers or a range of numbers - Singles, multiples, and ranges are accepted.
3. Click Save and continue to Checkout. Kennel info may be edited here.
4. Once payment info has been added, click Process Payment.
5. From the Close Order screen, you will be able to Print License(s), View Receipt, update payment type, or apply a senior discount.

Kennels will be automatically excluded from renewal notices. To convert an existing owner profile into a Kennel, find the owner profile and select Convert to Kennel.

Renewal Notices

Renewal Setup

To change notice formatting, click on Renewal Notices from the main menu, then Renewal Formatting in the top left of the screen. You can change the following settings:

  • Paper Style
  • Prepaid Postage Permit No (optional)
  • Custom Instructions (optional)
  • Return Mailing Address
  • Remittance Mailing Address

Send Renewal & Delinquent Notices

  1. Go to Renewal Notices in the main menu.
  2. Select which type(s) of notifications you want to send out:
    • Email Only (if email address on file)
    • Email & Print (email if address on file, otherwise print)
    • Print Only (if no email address on file)
    • CSV Report Only (do not create PDF or email notifications)
    • Print All (regardless of email status)
  3. Select the expiration date range for the notifications.
  4. Select if you want to create delinquent notices only (delinquent notices not included in renewal notifications).
  5. Click Submit. Email notices will be sent immediately. Print notices will appear in the history under the print columns with a link to the PDF file. You can view the notification history at the bottom of the screen.

Renewal Notices for Specific Owner

1. Go to Search Owners and search for the owner you’d like to print or email renewal notices for.
2. Click on the owner name.
3. Click Print License or Renewal Notice. Notices will be generated for licenses expiring before the end of the next month. Email notices will be sent immediately.